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As a community law office in East Los Angeles we support other community efforts, and organizations. If you have any questions, concerns, need assistance, or legal services, please call us at (323) 454-3683 or email us.

Our Law Office in Review 2011
In 2011 our office handled over 60 client matters ranging from immigration (including administrative requests and deportation defense), to criminal appearances, family law matters, political cases such as civil disobedience actions, helped clients file for bankruptcy, and drafted wills for low-income clients.

Notably, we successfully bonded out more than 15 people from immigration detention. We also completed 6 detainee cases, from start to finish, winning an opportunity for our clients to stay in the U.S. Specifically, one of our cases was for a client, a gay man from Mexico, who was granted asylum by the Immigration Judge.

We entered appearances in the following courts of law: immigration courts in Los Angeles and Lancaster, detained and non-detained; criminal appearances in Downtown Los Angeles, Bell Flower, Whittier, and Alhambra; family law appearances in Riverside and Stanley Mosk (LA); bankruptcy appearances in Riverside and Los Angeles. Our office has also successfully appealed to the Board of Immigration Appeals in Virginia. Lastly, we have filed two petitions before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

In 2011 we helped clients from: Mexico, El Salvadaor, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Honduras, Colombia, Guatemala, Turkey, Nigeria, China, India, Liberia, Brazil, Thailand, Vietnam, and Peru.

We are especially thankful for the commitment and efforts of the following interns and volunteers at our office: Diana Chacon, Victor Castro, Patrick Benjamin, Erica Melendez, Jessica Yamane, Luis Gonzales, Laura Tejeda, Cynthia Lopez, Cintia Huitzil, Keila Carrasco, and Angie Hernandez. Our office would not have accomplished half as much as we did in 2011 without these awesome volunteers!

Our office also hosted various Know Your Rights workshops and participated in KYR events with organizations like Corazon del Pueblo, East Los Angeles Women’s Center, and Law Causa. We also helped donate more than two carloads of items to Casa Refugio in Tijuana, Mexico, a shelter for deported women and their families. Our office also volunteers with the Harriett Buhai Family Law Center, assisting low-income families with legal matters.

In September our office hosted a political event to celebrate Independence, with the Grito de Lares (Puerto Rico) and the Grito de Dolores (Mexico). Community groups, members from the local community, students, artists, musicians, and supporters of political resistance enjoyed an evening of education, information, and culture.

In different capacities, our law office has supported Todos Somos Arizona, the Dreamers, Occupy Los Angeles, and Street Vendors in East Los Angeles.

In 2012, we hope to expand our community law office, take on more community relationships, win more cases, bond more people out of detention, visit more jails, support more political education events, and ultimately assisting more clients gain access to the legal system.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to working with you in 2012!

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